Platinum Lifted Vehicles

Get the truck you want with the look you want. All our lifted trucks have brand new equipment installed. The Brands you know Procomp, XD, Fuel, Hostel, Amp research
The Convenient of having everything financing together
All our lifts vehicle are done by a certified shop and installed by professional installers making sure it is done right.
Warranty rest assure that your truck is covered and that you will be covered if anything happens within the factory warranty.


We Service our nearby neighbors
Lifted Trucks High Desert, CA
Lifted Trucks Victorville, CA
Lifted Trucks Hesperia, CA
Lifted Trucks Apple Valley, CA
Lifted Trucks Fontana, CA
Lifted Trucks Ontario, CA
Lifted Trucks San Bernardino, CA
Lifted Trucks Riverside, CA
Lifted Trucks Corona, CA
Lifted Trucks Norco, CA
Platinum Custom Jeeps
We Service our nearby neighbors
Custom Jeeps in Southern CA
Custom Jeeps High Desert, CA
Custom Jeeps Victorville, CA
Custom Jeeps Hesperia, CA
Custom Jeeps Apple Valley, CA
Custom Jeeps Fontana, CA
Custom Jeeps Ontario, CA
Custom Jeeps San Bernardino, CA
Custom Jeeps Riverside, CA
Custom Jeeps Corona, CA
Custom Jeeps Norco, CA